As Easy As Texting

The fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get your message out. Automatically made clear, crisp, and attractive.

  • Simple affordable pricing: $3.99
  • Free additional time with Boost Zones
  • Free professional review
  • No costly designers or experts needed

Yes, Just $3.99!

You get 200 ad plays on both sides of a WaiveScreen: a high-quality 4 foot display on top of our fleet of vehicles driven by gig economy workers. But wait, there's more!

Includes Boost Zones

You'll also get free additional time when our cars pass through a 4 square mile boost zone you specify. It's as simple as dragging a circle around a map. Included in the $3.99 price!

Includes Professional Review

Also included is expert review of your message for improvements and optimizations. Still just $3.99!

We Are Oliver

We want local customers to find local businesses through focused advertising without the delay and cost of consultants and contractors.

This is Oliver, from Waive.

Looking for more?

We are working on the next version with more customization and features.

You can get early access and be a major influencer in what this product will be.